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Marginal Art!

Marcel Bénaïs was born in 1957 in the Paris region.

He began to draw and paint at the age of 12. It was when he saw Picasso's last paintings in Avignon that he became aware of his true desire to create. At 16, he moved into his first studio and did not stop painting until the age of 22, when he stopped everything because of his marriage. At 41, he finally resumed painting and made it his profession.

Classically trained, he directs his current work towards a natural and spontaneous expression of content and form. He is qualified as a contemporary singular artist.

In January 2009, one of his works was sold at public auction in Drouot Neuilly.

In 2010, he won a prize at the 2nd international exhibition of brut and singular art, the "Grand Baz'Art à Bézu" in the Eure where he exhibited alongside André Robillard, Jesse Reno, Jerzy Ruszczynski among others.

He is installed in Montcuq where he shows his workshop. In 2013 he released a book "L'harmonie du Chaos". His last book "Marcel Bénaïs - la Peinture Seule" was released in 2015.

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